rok on 4 lyf !!! YEAH

{June 28, 2006}  

wikimedia has 8 different wiki’s. wikipidia is an online encyclopedia.wiktionary is an online dictionary. wikquote has many online quotes. wikibooks is online open context textbooks. wikisource is a online free library. wikinews has online news. wikimedia commons has over half a million different media files. wikispecies has a free speices derectory. thats all of them cheek them out… they might come in handy.


{June 21, 2006}  

howdy umm… if u lyke good webbiez u betta try this one out….. well its not a webbie but msn is heaps of FUN!!! and if u dont have an account then u betta get one………….. lub Laura

{June 14, 2006}   RANDOM NEWS

In RaNdOm NeWs ToDaY, iV dEcIdEd ThAt I lYkE gItArS…… ThX 4 lIsTeNiNg!!!

{June 14, 2006}   Others Blogs

if any one has an awsome blog can u send it to me cauz i need ideas! (cauz myine is kinda layme!)

cheers Laura

{June 14, 2006}   !!!Need Help!!!

Umm, well im kinda stuck on sometin can some one tell me how to create my own back ground cauz im kinda getting a little bord wif dis one! any way if some on can, leave a comment.

cheers Laura

{June 7, 2006}   Howdy!

hey friendz….

so wats up? lyk mi blog?  well i suppose therez not much to it but there will be in a bout a week or so anyways………………………


(ta ta for now)                     lub lora

et cetera